Trust Westcoast to deliver the power
of HPE GreenLake

At Westcoast, we’re perfectly placed to bring your clients all the benefits of HPE GreenLake. After all, we’ve a proven track record of helping our partners make the most of the fast moving technology market, creating new opportunities in areas such as hybrid cloud, big data and IoT.

It’s no surprise then that we’re the first to offer HPE GreenLanke in the UK, a service that can increase client agility, cut costs, streamline processes and reduce downtime. We can also help you provide just about every element of it aaS (as a Service) – from applications to data sources, from platforms to infrastructure.

Your clients will face no upfront investment either. Onboarding is fast. There are no integration issues. And we’ll help you build them a solution that provides more flexibility than ever when it comes to responding to trends, demands and budget changes.

Your bottom line will benefit too – consumption deals tend to grow a healthy 25% YoY on average.

HPE GreenLake. Great for your clients’ business. Even better for yours.

Westcoast. The perfect IT partner.

  • We’ve an enviable record of helping partners grow and profit in the fast paced, dynamic IT market.
  • Our training can help you achieve official accreditation and sales certification. Plus we can provide a range of critical marketing tools.
  • Our configuration services are ready for everything, from simple set-up to the complete testing of the most complex projects. We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Our flexible finance options are designed around you. From bespoke solutions and consumption to specialised credit lines by product, we make it easier to do business.